Social Justice and the Civil Rights of DCFS Kids

50 Years 50 Stories

A commitment to social justice has always been key to the foundation of Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness. From the start, diversity, equity, and inclusion were a genuine and natural piece of the model of care for youth, families, and the community. Early employees tell stories of the incredibly diverse staff and volunteer base – all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, orientations, and abilities were represented from the ground up.

newspaper headline, pastor says racism drives opposition to home for boys

Our internal diversity gives Aunt Martha’s an appreciation of and dedication to social justice. It’s part of who we are – to be a voice for the vulnerable or marginalized our community.

Aunt Martha’s has taken its advocacy for the people we serve all the way to the federal courts in order ensure they get the care and services they need in an environment without prejudice or restriction.

Quite simply,

We do what’s right.

That’s our commitment to every child and adult – for the next 50 years and beyond.

Aunt Martha’s worked hard to overcome public resistance to its group homes for DCFS youth.

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