HealthWorks of Cook County providers health care coordination services to over 2,500 DCFS youth each year


HealthWorks – Care Coordination for DCFS Youth and Families

A child’s physical health is a large part of their overall well-being. Caregivers and caseworkers not only have to insure that health needs are met, they are also responsible for keeping thorough records of exams and medical issues. The HealthWorks program is here to help families, caregivers and caseworkers make informed decisions and smooth transitions when a child enters DCFS care for the first time.

HealthWorks is the comprehensive system of health care developed by DCFS for all Illinois children in foster care to make sure they have:

  • Access to quality health care and a medical home;
  • Routine and special health care they need; and
  • Documentation of health needs and care readily accessible to foster caregivers, other health care providers and DCFS

HealthWorks of Cook County

Aunt Martha’s has been the lead agency for the HealthWorks of Cook County program since 2005.

We coordinate care for more than 5,000 DCFS kids annually.

Aunt Martha’s HealthWorks care coordinators are here to help with access and referrals for:
  • Initial Health Screenings
  • Comprehensive Health Evaluations
  • Well-child exams, check-ups
  • Immunizations

If you do not live in Cook County

Please visit the DCFS website to find the contact information for HealthWorks program in your area.

For DCFS youth and families

HealthWorks care coordination lets you focus on family

  • Ask any questions about the HealthWorks program
  • Help getting care or services for the children placed with you
  • Find a HealthWorks primary care physician or ask about using another physician
  • Make sure your child is signed up for HealthWorks
  • Make sure your child’s doctor is part of the HealthWorks program

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