Our Impact

Access. Quality. Value.

Our Impact – Calendar Year 2022


You get the health care and services you need. We make it easy.

Aunt Martha’s is a Primary Care Medical Home for more than 56,000 patients, and a vital resource for more than 105,000 children and adults from over 600 communities in Illinois.

We have more than 20 health centers located across nine counties. Can’t come see us in person? Schedule a telehealth visit or connect with your care team with your personal Patient Portal.

Our Impact includes providing access to care in a way that makes it easy for people of all income levels - especially those without health insurance - to get the care they need.
Our Impact includes providing access to healthcare and other safety net services to more than 56,000 patients and over 105,000 children and adults in all.

Our Impact – Calendar Year 2022


You know great care when you feel it. It starts on your first visit. It starts with trust.

We have always been the health care provider you can trust.

We have always been focused on giving every patient the best care possible.

And we’re a Health Center Quality Leader. For 7 years in a row.

Community Health Quality Recognition badge, Health center quality leader, gold status, 2022 awardee
Our Impact includes the highest quality prenatal health services that help our doctors deliver healthy babies, and depression remission rates more than 3 times better than other health centers.
Our Impact is based on the Quality of the care we provide, and Aunt Martha's is proud to be recognized as a Health Center Quality Leader.

Our Impact – Calendar Year 2022


We drive down the cost of care. You get and stay well.

Value means two things: Your health gets better and the cost of care goes down.

When you choose Aunt Martha’s, your trusting your care to a top quality team that also cares about a healthy bottom line.

As a patient, our focus on value means you get the care you need, when you need it.

Our Impact, when it comes to achieving Value, includes making sure our patients reach their goals and helping them get there in more effective and convenient ways.
Our Impact on Value, including 28 percent lower costs than other health centers, is the result of one thing - our focus on the patient.

Unless otherwise noted, quality and cost data is for Calendar Year 2022.
Learn more at data.hrsa.gov

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