At Aunt Martha's, we think differently about health care

At Aunt Martha’s, We Think Differently About Health Care

Although certain health concerns may seem unrelated, they are all part of a whole person, and it’s hard for a healthcare provider to help a patient reach whole health and wellness without the full picture. When a provider is aware of all the concerns, they can help the person decide which care options will be more effective.

Integrated Health Care

For people with multiple health concerns, including mental illness and addiction, Aunt Martha’s uses an integrated care model.

Integration is a system for providing all the services a patient needs in a coordinated way. It incorporates the patient’s primary care provider, their dentist, as well as any mental health and/or substance abuse services they may be receiving.

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About Us

Soon after Aunt Martha’s opened its original youth drop-in center in 1972, it became clear that the organization needed to be more than a youth service resource. The challenges that presented themselves often went far beyond the struggles of adolescence, extending to become issues of health, education, employment, poverty, family and social support, and personal and community safety.

Aunt Martha’s has become a critical resource for youth and families throughout Illinois, empowering patients and clients to face these issues head-on and find sustainable and tailored solutions that allow them to live a better life.

We are unique because of our willingness and eagerness to do more – to not just listen, but understand; to not just support, but strengthen; to not just enlighten, but to lead; and to not just connect, but coordinate.

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