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Taking care of all your child’s needs from birth to age 21

At Aunt Martha’s we care for your children’s physical and emotional needs, from infancy through adolescence. We offer well child care, immunizations, and school/sports physicals, while monitoring their growth and development milestones.


Pediatrics are health services for children and teens. Aunt Martha's pediatricians are available in-clinic and through our online telehealth services.

Connect with your Care Team from the comfort of home! When it’s safer (or just easier) to stay at home, keep you and your family well by seeing your provider online.

Adolescent Mental Well Being

Pediatric and teen mental health services are available at Aunt Martha's in-clinic and through our online telelhealth platform,

The teen years are a crucial period for your child’s emotional development. We’re here to help them (and You) get the support they need.

Immunizations and Prevention

Pediatric services are available at Aunt Martha's in-clinic and through our online telelhealth platform.

Every child should see their doctor and their Care Team on a regular schedule. Regular check-ups let you know your child is growing and healthy.

Services for Children and Teens

Well Child Care

Growth and Development Monitoring

Hearing, Vision and Developmental Screenings

School and Sports Physicals


Sick Care

Chronic Disease Management

Laboratory Testing

Health Benefits Enrollment


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Adolescent Health

The adolescent years are significant predictors of future health and disease.  At Aunt Martha’s, we strive to engage adolescents between the ages of 11-21 to come for yearly well child visits in order to receive appropriate screenings for mental health, substance abuse and risky sexual behavior as well as comprehensive health education addressing nutrition, physical activity and reproductive counseling.   We also utilize this time to discuss the health care transition (HCT) process, which centers around improving the ability of young adults to manage their own health care and effectively use health services which is critical as they continue to grow and take responsibility for their health and wellness.

Pediatric services include care for older children and teens ages 12 and up

Preventive Health Services including STI screening, contraception management

Adolescent-focused counseling on nutrition, physical activity, reproductive health and healthy peer/family relationships

Mental health and substance abuse screenings and counseling

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What Aunt Martha’s patients say

Aunt Martha's Pediatric Health & Wellness Center is located at 500 Dixie Highway in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

“My children always receive the best care and services at Aunt Martha’s, thanks to Dr. Lim and the staff at the front desk.”

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