Our Support Services help keep kids from going into the child welfare system. Families are provided short-term assistance, education and linkage to community support and services.

Supportive Services

Child Welfare Services (CWS)

We help families find the care, support and services they need.

This short-term program helps families who are referred by DCFS.

Your child’s health and safety is the focus of everything we do.

Our goal is to help your family stay together. We get to know you and your child, then link to you with services to meet your needs.

What can CWS do for you?
  • Help you make sure your home is a safe place for your child
  • Answer questions to help you feel more confident as a parent or caregiver
  • Work with you to find support and services in your community

Contact our CWS Referral Team

For help in Cook County, call:

For help in Kankakee County or Will County, call:

CIPP (Clinical Intervention for Placement Preservation)

We bring foster care youth, families and caregivers closer.

CIPP, you say it like “sip,” stands for Clinical Intervention for Placement Preservation.

CIPP is step-by-step way of making choices about where a foster child will live.

How CIPP Works
  • With a CIPP meeting, the youth’s caseworker brings together key people in the youth’s life.
  • A trained facilitator leads a discussion process that is sensitive to the motivation and capacities of the youth.
  • Participants are encouraged to offer their assessment of the youth’s wishes, needs and strengths and to generate ideas on how those needs can be best addressed, ideally in the youth’s current home.

D-CIPP (Discharge-Clinical Intervention for Placement Preservation)

We foster connections and help young adults plan for success

D-CIPP, said like “dee-sip,” is similar to the CIPP process.

D-CIPP is the step-by-step way of planning for when a foster youth ages out of the DCFS system.

Goals of the D-CIPP Process
  • Help youth create a detailed plan to meet their top 2 or 3 goals toward moving out of the DCFS or child welfare system.
  • Make sure there is a plan for the youth to be in their final living arrangement before their discharge date.
  • Help ensure youth’s connections to family, community and social supports are nurtured and maintained.
  • Help youth create and begin progression toward educational and/or employment plans before their discharge date.
  • Make sure youth are working toward financial stability before their discharge date.

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