Cook County Reporting Centers support youth in the juvenile justice system.

Cook County Reporting Centers

Diverse group of hands holding letters that spell YOUTH. Signifies the postive youth development approach at our Cook County Reporting Centers.

A community-based alternative to detention for the Cook County Juvenile Court system.

Aunt Martha’s Reporting Centers are a ground-breaking short-term program serving youth awaiting hearings. Our teams work with youth every day, engaging them in individual and group educational activities, life-skill development workshops (on-site and in the community), and job readiness programs.

We meet all our Reporting Center youth where they’re at. Literally.

We pick each youth up at home. We make sure they have a good meal. And we drive them home every evening.

Who do the Cook County Reporting Centers serve?

Our Reporting Centers are open afternoons, evenings and on weekends.

Youth ages 10 to 19 can be referred to the Reporting Centers program as an alternative to placement in Cook County’s Juvenile Detention Center.

How is a youth referred to the Reporting Centers program?

Actually, the “referral” is made by the court, but Aunt Martha’s Reporting Centers can be proposed as an alternative to juvenile detention by:

  • Cook County Judges
  • Juvenile Probation Officers
  • State’s Attorneys
  • Public Defenders

What are the goals of the Cook County Reporting Center program?

The goals of the Cook County Reporting center program include:

  • Providing highly structured, well-supervised individual and group activities. 
  • Providing opportunities for youth to enhance their strengths and gain new skills that lower likelihood of re-offending.
  • Providing an evidece-based curriculum of educational services and life skills training. 
  • Ensuring court appearances and reducing the likelihood of re-arrest while allowing the youth to continue attending school and remain at home. 

Get inspired. Get hired.

Wherever you are in life (or in your search for a new job), you never know what opportunities you’ll find at Aunt Martha’s.

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