Crisis response and intervention services strengthen bonds and keep families together

Crisis Services

CCBYS: 24/7 crisis response services for youth ages 11-17

Are you in a crisis? More stressed out than usual? Feeling overwhelmed? Are you locked out and can’t go home?

If you’re between ages 11-17 and facing a crisis, call CCBYS.

If you think CCBYS might be able to help your child and family, call CCBYS.

Our Crisis Services include CCBYS, a 24-hour crisis response and intervention program for youth ages 11-17.

What is CCBYS?

CCBYS is short for Comprenhensive Community-Based Youth Services.

The CCBYS program is a 24-hour crisis response and intervention program for youth ages 11-17. In some cases, we work with children as young as 10 years old who are not locked out of their home.

Our team talks with youth and their families to understand the challenges at home. We work quickly to make sure everyone is safe, then make a plan to support the whole family.

Who can CCBYS help?

  • Youth 11 to 17 years old who are in crisis and need support
  • Youth who are at risk of involvement with the child welfare system (DCFS)
  • Youth who are at risk of involvement with the juvenile justice system

Call 24/7 if you know a youth who is:

  • Locked out of their home and their parents will not allow them to return, or
  • Beyond the control of their parents and in immediate physical danger, or
  • A run-away, or
  • Homeless and without their parents

Aunt Martha’s CCBYS Service Area

Cook County Townships

Bloom | Bremen | Calumet | Lemont | Lower Stickney | Palos | Rich | Thornton | Worth

Countywide Coverage

Kane | Kankakee | Kendall | Grundy | Will | Vermilion

What crisis services does CCBYS provide?

  • 24 hour crisis intervention services
  • Juvenile justice system intervention services
  • Ensure the safety of youth
  • Individual and family crisis intervention
  • Conduct Crisis/Safety Assessment
  • Develop and implement crisis stabilization plan
  • Reunification and family preservation services
  • Provide placement services for crisis youth – Shelter, foster care, etc.
  • Provide appropriate referral and follow-up

Aunt Martha’s CCBYS team can also help with referrals to:

Mobile Crisis Response

The Mobile Crisis Response program, or MCR provides immediate access to emergency mental health evaluations for Medicaid enrollees (and eligible children) who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Care Coordination and Support

MCR is part of Illinois’ Pathways to Success program that uses care coordination to make sure children with complex behavioral health needs can get the services they need at home and in their community.

How to contact your local Mobile Crisis Response provider

The only way to access MCR services is by calling the Crisis And Referral Entry Service (CARES) hotline.

CARES is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CARES will perform an acuity assessment for calls denoting a behavioral health crisis or asking for MCR services. If the acuity assessment determines a need for MCR services and the child/family meet the age and financial criteria, CARES will refer the call to a MCR provider for screening.

The MCR program has a 24/7 screening schedule with a backup schedule. MCR screening services are provided 365 days per year, 24 hours per day with acceptance of all referrals from CARES on a no-decline basis.

Call the CARES hotline at 800-345-9049.

Mobile Crisis Response Services Provided

MCR staff are required to ensure the screening and assessment of children and adolescents prior to any admission to a hospital for inpatient psychiatric care for all children eligible for Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) Medical Programs.

  • Screening, assessment and treatment of any person who may be at risk for psychiatric hospitalization and who is eligible for public funding
  • Crisis Intervention and Stabilization Services
  • Access to coordinated community based mental health services whether hospitalized or deflected from hospitalization.
  • Linkage of families and guardians to appropriate level of care to meet the mental health treatment needs
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Linkages Discharge Coordination (if hospitalized)
  • Psychiatric Follow-up (if needed)

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