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Aunt Martha’s ICC Staff Offer Hope, Comfort to Kids in Midst of Crisis

50 Years 50 Stories

The Integrated Care Center

Our commitment to serving youth in crisis from the beginning continues to this day, and is highlighted by the development of the Integrated Care Center (ICC) in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. This center transitioned in 2019 to the great model that lives today – a place for children and young adults in the child welfare system with the most need to stabilize, receive comprehensive medical and behavioral health care, and ultimately prepare them for adulthood and rejoining their communities.

Outcomes that Matter

It’s almost impossible to describe the feelings of hope and hard work when you walk into the ICC – the dedicated staff have such thoughtful relationships with each child and are ready to work with them through any challenge. Our team’s ability to connect with these highly vulnerable young people, as you’ll see in Lynzell’s story, makes it possible for the ICC staff and youth to achieve behavioral outcomes like:

  • 47% decrease in youth hospitalization after 2 weeks of placement
  • 68% decrease in acts of aggression within 4 weeks
  • 71% decrease in medication-related incidents within 8 weeks, and
  • Overall, a 95% reduction in elopements from the program.

Lynzell’s Story

While the numbers can speak for themselves, the best stories come from the success of the participants themselves. Lynzell’s is one of those stories. Take a few minutes to get to know this incredible young man, and see why the ICC is such a crucial part of Aunt Martha’s history and future.

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