Who We Are

Aunt Martha’s is a family of more than 900 staff and volunteers. We are health care providers, social workers, educators, counselors, and advocates. We are as diverse as the people and communities we serve.

We are parents who know what it is to have a sick, hurting or scared child. We have relied on the help of others to overcome our own challenges. We honor people’s strengths, resourcefulness and resilience. We offer compassion. We provide supportive, professional care.

We are a team – skilled and specialized. From the psychiatrist treating children in downstate Illinois, to the dental hygienist caring for a homeless person in Kane County; and from the therapist helping a youth in crisis on the streets of Chicago, to the doctor delivering a baby in Kankakee. Our staff are the best and the brightest in the field.

We are all Care Coordinators – intensely dedicated to our patients and clients, connecting each person with exactly what they need, from the services our organization provides to the specialized care offered by our collaborating partners.

Leadership Team
Board of Directors


Richard Sundstrom

Debra Liddell
Vice Chairperson

Michelle Ressell

Malcolm J. White


John Annis
Immediate Past Chair

Susan Platt Bayer

Vergia Turner

Guadalupe Montoya

Béjor Weathersby Grove


Gary Leofanti