Changing the Way You Experience Care…Virtually

In our shared effort to protect one another from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Aunt Martha’s is excited to announce that we’re expanding our telehealth services to give more patients more convenient access to our primary care providers, therapists, and family planning clinics than ever before!

It’s convenient.  It’s secure.

And our patients love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a Telehealth visit? 

Please call our Contact Center at 877-692-8686 

What types of visits are offered via Telehealth? 

At this time, we are offering Telehealth as an option for certain types of behavioral health and sick visits. Please call the Contact Center (877-692-8686) to discuss your symptoms so that we can determine whether a Telehealth or in-person visit is needed. 

Is Telehealth secure and private? 

Currently, the majority of the telehealth visits are via a secure telephone line. The small number of telehealth visits that are via video-conference are also through an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant, video-conferencing platform.   

Is this covered by my insurance?   

Since the advent of COVID-19, insurance plans have been expanding their Telehealth coverage. Contact your insurance company for specific information about your plan’s coverage. 

Where can I get more information on COVID-19?  

For the latest information and resources, please visit the Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness COVID-19 Resource Center. 

The Most Experienced Telehealth Provider in Community Health

Other providers will tell you they’re breaking new ground. That only means they’ve never done this before.

In fact, Aunt Martha’s was the first community health center in Illinois’ to receive state funding to provide telepsychiatry services.  And over the past 13 years, our telehealth network has connected thousands of patients to care they might never have gotten in their home community.

TeleHealth is being offered for certain types of visits.  Call us at 877-692-8686 to find out if TeleHealth is an option for you.

As Featured in the Chicago Tribune

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc in Illinois and around the world, Olympia Fields-based Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness telepsychiatry program is addressing a critical need — helping treat patients with mental health issues in the midst of the crisis and stay-at-home orders.

“We’ve seen more people reaching out for psychiatric and therapeutic services,” said Wanda Parker, Aunt Martha’s behavioral health clinical director who has a doctorate of education degree in counseling psychology. “But we’ve also seen the people that we were already servicing having a greater level of anxiety and depression and loneliness.”  Read more…