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Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness is proud to have touched the lives of more than 40,000 children since 1972. We provide attention to minimize trauma that these youth have encountered through therapeutic and psychiatric services, all in a safe environment.

Our staff helps to minimize youth’s distress by providing emotional support and improving their coping abilities.

Only 2.5% of children who grow up in such circumstances including Foster Care graduate from college.

Supporting Aunt Martha’s programs and services for children is one of the most valuable long-term investments because we help children get a second chance at a happy, healthy, and productive life.


One of the most special gifts a child could receive is to become an integral part of a real family through our foster care services. Giving a child the opportunity to have a parent and/or sibling is something so many of us and our children take for granted. Help us change that!

Sponsoring resources for a family to unconditionally love and care for a child is a life-changing experience.

Our foster families not only receive unconditional support from their Aunt Martha’s team, but also receive full comprehensive medical services using our Integrated Model of Care. Aunt Martha’s Integrated Model of Care addresses physical health, mental health, and social health needs to patients of all ages. Our extensive health services are wrapped around individual needs using care coordination, to ensure all needs are being met. Your support can improve the quality of life for those in need and our community.

You can provide help for the future!

Every year Aunt Martha’s and our donors strengthen and improve the lives of more than 80,000 family members in Illinois.


Aunt Martha’s Community Wellness services promote healthy lifestyles, strengthen communities, and improve the self-sufficiency of youth and families. Supporting our community-based programs ensures vulnerable youth and families a safe haven to address needs including:

  • Finding a job through our Workforce Development Program and Employment Training Program
  • Providing Crisis Intervention services to families in need
  • Ensuring families have the resources they need to care for their baby-to-come with our Parent Support Program
  • Coordinating shelter through our Emergency Housing, Outreach, and Transitional Housing Programs
  • Providing full assessment and tailored treatment plans for individuals recovering from Substance Abuse
  • Giving community-based alternatives to detention for youth ages 10-18 in our Evening Reporting Center

Helping youth remain arrest-free, minimize delinquent behaviors through our Pre-Trial Services.

Empower Our Team

Behind every success story at Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness, is an engaged employee who makes it his/her priority to connect every patient to the services they need, whether it may be physical health, mental health, or social health.

Your support will help write new, future success stories because we believe that our employees are the key to unlocking our promise of providing quality-driven health and wellness services that meet all patient’s needs as soon as they walk into our door.

Donations directly contribute to team strengthening opportunities, activities to inspire employees with Aunt Martha’s mission, and resources to further the value and quality of care provided to the families we serve.

You can also support our team by purchasing products at ShopAuntMarthas.com.


As a foster parent, a volunteer and a member of our Board of Directors, Peggy Eisenstein took great pride and found great joy in spearheading our annual Holiday Gift Program. With her own generosity, and the donations she collected from others, Peggy saw to it that every foster child and every youth living in Aunt Martha’s group homes and shelters celebrated the holiday season surrounded by gifts — and smiles.

We all know the chaos of the holidays. But amid all the stress, there will also be moments of tremendous joy. Some are fleeting, like the flicker of happiness in a child’s eye. Don’t let those moments pass you by. And please, don’t pass on this opportunity to bring that flicker to the eye of a child in need.


If you have any questions about giving, or would like to contribute in a different way,
please send a short message to our Community Engagement Office.

Financial information about Aunt Martha’s is available on ProPublica.org.