Patient Information Center
Welcome to the Patient Information Center, where you can get a head start on your next visit to Aunt Martha’s Health Center.
Medical Records Requests

To maintain patient confidentiality and assure compliance with federal and state privacy laws, health information may not be released without a patient’s written authorization (except as permitted by law). Aunt Martha’s partners with Healthport for the release of medical information.

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Registration Forms

If you would like to complete paperwork for yourself or a loved one prior to your health center visit, we invite you to download our registration forms here.

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Parent’s Guide to Childhood Immunizations

As parents, we want to do everything we can to keep our children from getting sick. In this booklet you will learn more about the role vaccines play in keeping them healthy. You will learn about:

  • Diseases that are prevented by vaccines, and the vaccines that prevent them.
  • How to prepare for a doctor’s visit that includes vaccinations, and what to expect during and after the visit.
  • How vaccines help your child’s immune system do its job.
  • How well vaccines work, and how safe they are.
  • Where to find more information.
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