Why We Do
What We Do
Our Mission
Driven by innovation, integration and care coordination, Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness is committed to providing an exceptional, unique, and comprehensive patient experience.
Our Vision
A world in which loneliness, sickness and despair
are replaced with wholeness, healing and hope.
Our Core Values

In our pursuit of excellence, we choose to continuously redefine both ourselves and that which we desire to achieve.


New perspectives spring from the celebration of our diversity. And only in our acceptance of new perspectives can we find the key to our own, unlimited potential.


Collaboration is a celebration of diversity. It is an acknowledgement of the strengths of those around us as well as a recognition of our own.

Commitment & Passion

Our commitment is to our patients, to our clients, to our community and to one another. It is fueled by our passion for the work we do.


Innovation is the result of people acting with purpose and compassion.
It is not the next big thing; but a single step forward, a new idea, a better way.