Interim Care Center (ICC)

The Interim Care Center provides temporary and long-term support in an environment designed to be both therapeutic and enriching to the lives of youth and young adults throughout Illinois’ child welfare system.  The Center’s goals are to:

  • Ensure continuity of care;
  • Promote family reunification;
  • Stabilize foster care placements;
  • Facilitate youth development; and,
  • Ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of children.     

ICC Services


Comprehensive, coordinated care is central to Aunt Martha’s approach. Our Care Coordination Team leads weekly meetings that include all the members of a youth’s care team, both internal and external. This ensures complete continuity of care, even if a youth experiences multiple placements.


Primary Care

Youth in care who reside at the Interim Care Center or in the community have access to primary care services that are focused on providing value-based, comprehensive and integrated care in our on-site medical home. Our health care providers are well versed in the diagnoses and treatments of conditions common to our specialized population.


Our on-site dental clinic addresses oral health needs that can lead to pain, infection, and loss of function that adversely affects normal growth and development.


Through a collaborative team approach, youth in care receive individualized diagnostic and therapeutic psychiatric services that are aimed at bringing consistency, familiarity and stability to our clients’ lives.


Our nurses are on-site 24-hours a day to address medical concerns and distribute medications as prescribed. Our 24/7 on-call physician is always available.



Our licensed staff address the issues of trauma experienced by DCFS youth. Group and individual therapies that help youth recover and heal are offered 7 days a week.

Crisis Counseling

Our crisis counselors help minimize the stresses surrounding a youth’s placement at the Center by providing emotional support, ensuring they feel safe, and improving their coping strategies.

Substance Use Counseling

On-site counselors provide full assessments and develop tailored treatment plans for youth dealing with and recovering from substance use issues. Individual and group counseling are available.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy can significantly improve behaviors and skills, including: social skills, communication, reading, and academics; as well as adaptive learning skills, such as hygiene, grooming, and job competence.



Education (On-Site & Off-Site)

The Interim Care Center offers individual education and life skills curricula that are customized to the needs of each youth in our care. Many youth continue to attend their home school. Transportation to/from school is provided by Aunt Martha’s.

Recreation & Enrichment

Youth are engaged on a daily basis in recreation and enrichment activities (both on- and off-site) that expose them to new, guided activities that promote musical and artistic expression, as well as familiar social experiences, including a licensed beauty salon and barber shop.

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