Dental care at Aunt Martha's is available to all of our primary care medical home patients

Dental Care

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Dental Care at Aunt Martha’s

Make Aunt Martha’s your medical home and your dental home

Dental care services are only available on a limited basis right now. And only if we are your primary care provider, or medical home.

If Aunt Martha’s is your Primary Care Medical Home, we are scheduling dental visits at our clinics in Carpentersville and Chicago Heights.

Every day dental care starts at home

Simple steps to a brighter smile and a healthier body

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Regularly visit the dentist

Even if you are healthy, don’t skip regular cleanings at your dentist.

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Brush, floss, rinse

Brush and floss every day. A good routine is key to a healthy mouth.

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Reduce stress

Believe it or not, stress levels can play a role in oral health issues.

Dental care at Aunt Martha's is available to all of our primary care medical home patients

You can make it easier to manage dental issues before they become a larger health problem for your child.

Kids ages 5-17 miss almost 2 million school days every year because of poor dental health problems

Your child’s oral health can have a huge impact on how well they do in school. Kids with dental problems are four times more likely to have a lower grade point average. And their parents miss and average of 2.5 days of work per yer to care for their child with dental problems.

If Aunt Martha’s is your medical home, we hope you’ll make us your dental home too!

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Hear from one of Aunt Martha’s smiling dental patients

“I always receive the best care and services at Aunt Martha’s, thanks to Martha at the front desk.”

– Aunt Martha’s dental care patient

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