Foster Care

Aunt Martha’s Foster Care Services

All children need dependable and nurturing parents. That’s even more true for children who have been removed from their biological families because of abuse or neglect. To be a foster parent is to be a child’s second chance and safe haven until adoption, subsidized guardianship, return to their biological families or other forms of permanency.

Aunt Martha’s provides two types of foster care arrangements that are safe, secure and nurturing environments.

Traditional Foster Care

Traditional Foster Care provides placement in a licensed foster home for youth age 0 – 21 who are unable to reside with their natural family. Traditional foster care services are provided by unrelated, trained, licensed foster families and are provided to children who:

  • Are victims of abuse or neglect; and,
  • Are wards of the Department of Children and Family Services.

Specialized Foster Care

Aunt Martha’s is proud to be one of just a few organizations in Illinois to offer Specialized Foster Care services.  These services provide alternative living arrangements for children and youth up to age 21 who:

  • Are victims of abuse or neglect;
  • Are wards of the Department of Children and Family Services;
  • Are unable to reside with their natural family; and,
  • Have special medical, behavioral or educational needs.

These foster families are also licensed and receive 64 hours of additional, more intense training. They also have access to a Foster Parent facilitated support group to discuss issues and concerns related to the children in their care.

Foster Home Licensing

Our certified professionals will assist prospective foster parents through the licensing process by educating them about policies and procedures, as well as their rights and responsibilities. Foster Parents are also trained on the dynamics of the traumas, loss and separation experienced by these children.

Foster Parents must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 21 years or older
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Participate in a home study process
  • Complete Foster Adopt Pride Training (27 hours)
  • Home must meet The Department of Children and Family Services 402 Standards for Foster Family Home

Our Foster Care Team

When you join Aunt Martha’s foster care team, you become part of an organization that’s consistently one of Illinois’ best.

You’ll work directly with a team of social workers who are experts in youth development and trauma informed care.

Aunt Martha’s exceeds the State‘s performance expectations and ranks  highly in the following quality and safety benchmarks:

  • Permanent placements
  • 30-day service plan completion
  • Parent-child visits (weekly)
  • Parent-child visits (monthly)
  • Face-to-face support sessions:
    • Child and case worker (monthly)
    • Foster family and case worker
    • Natural parent(s) and case worker

Every one of our foster children and families has access to our team 24/7/365, including VIP access to our Integrated Care Model, with support from:

  • Physicians, Dentists and Psychiatrists;
  • Therapists and Social Workers;
  • Employment Counselors;
  • Housing Advocates;
  • Crisis Responders; and,
  • Care Coordinators

You call. We listen. We respond. 

Rewards of Being a Foster Parent

    •  A sense of accomplishment
    • The chance to help children feel good about themselves
    • Pride in doing a meaningful and important job
    • Challenging experiences
    • A chance to use special talents and knowledge
    • The opportunity to make a lifetime of difference in a short time

These children will grow up to be Illinois’ next generation of leaders and parents. As a foster parent, you can help them succeed.

If you and your family are ready to make a difference in the life of a child in your community, please call Aunt Martha’s today.

Are You Ready?

If it breaks your heart to imagine a child feeling alone, removed from their home and what is familiar to them through no fault of their own, then you are ready to learn more about foster parenting.

Foster parenting requires strong skills including sensitivity, flexibility, and selflessness – but you will get training and support in learning what you need to know.

If you have these qualifications and you can safely care for a child, you are ready to start the process.

If you are the right person to parent a child in foster care, we will work with you to overcome any obstacles that arise.

To learn more about our Foster Care programs, please call (708) 210-2447.