In recent years, organizations large and small, for-profit and non-profit, have been forced to re-examine their role in the lives of the people they serve, their role in their community and their role in their relationships with stakeholders and other organizations. Some have chosen the collaborative path as a means of responding to emerging needs, some as a means of responding to new opportunities, and some as a means of creating opportunities.

By its very nature, an integrated care system requires the interweaving of cross-disciplinary and environmental structures and processes in order to produce the desired outcomes. In other words, the absence of effective collaboration makes true integration impossible.

At Aunt Martha’s, our approach to collaboration is based on two fundamental principles:

  1. We believe that the most effective integrated care systems are organized with clients, patients and families at their center.
  2. We believe that health and human service providers have a responsibility to work individually and cooperatively to not only maintain but to improve the health and well-being of their community.

Key Collaborations