Our Mission

“Driven by innovation, integration, and care coordination, Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness is committed to providing an exceptional, unique, and comprehensive patient experience."

With a diverse mix of long-tenured employees and new employees, a job at
Aunt Martha's is a career with purpose--
making an impact in your community
and beyond.

Dr. Brittany and Brandi Jackson live their
mission to inspire underprivileged youth
to pursue a career in medicine through
their Family Medicine and Psychiatry
practice at Aunt Martha's Health &
Wellness. Read their story.

Integrate With Quality Leaders


Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness has been Joint Commission Approved since 1997 and received 5 HRSA Quality Awards in 2018.

Working at Aunt Martha's


Community Focused

As an Integrated Health Home (IHH), we focus on increasing access to health and wellness services to everyone in the 565 communities we serve.

Innovation Driven

We strive to develop better ways to improve the future of community healthcare. By focusing on evidence-based practices and data, we create value that can be experienced throughout our services.

Diverse Staff

Each member of our team is a member of the communities we serve. Our mix of tenured staff and new staff proves that a career at Aunt Martha's is full of growth and opportunity. 

Benefits Fit For You


Our benefits prioritize health and wellness to qualifying employees and their families at affordable rates. 


IT Services


Social Services

Administration/Support Services

Community Development

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