JAN 31: Update – Employee Recognition & Thursday Schedule


Date: January 30, 2019
To: All Aunt Martha’s Employees & Community Members
From: Raul Garza, President & CEO
Re: Update – Employee Recognition & Thursday Schedule

I am pleased to announce that Aunt Martha’s health centers and other service locations will reopen for business as usual at Noon on Thursday, January 31.

And, while the coldest temperatures are forecast for the overnight hours still ahead, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation and admiration for the response of Aunt Martha’s staff despite the historically severe weather over the course of the last 24 hours. I would like to thank the members of our Senior Leadership Team, who developed a meticulous plan to preserve the safety of the young people in our care, and ensure that our employees had their complete focus, and complete and total support.

It is, however, one thing for an agency to put a plan in place. It is something different to see employees from across an organization, in communities across the state, come together to support one another, and most importantly, to support the children and youth in our care. And it is another, wholly gratifying experience, for a series of leadership calls at three-hour intervals to translate directly into both a safer client experience, and I believe a unifying, engaging experience for staff.

Earlier today, Allison Van Gerpen and I visited the Children’s Reception Center (CRC). It was a remarkable and, frankly, touching experience to see the staff interacting with the young people there. I would be remiss if I did not recognize all of our shelter specialists and staff, many of whom volunteered to stay on site for 36 hours or more. From the team that works with Jerry Slomka, Philoniese Moore and Clete Winkelmann at the CRC, to Kenny Martin-Ocasio’s teams at Independence Place and TIPS, you all do an incredible job.

I would be remiss if I failed to recognize our Maintenance Department, which has been on-site continuously at all three of our shelter locations, and Ed Vincent, Director of Facility Operations. Ed and his team dug a van out from under a snow-plowed drift. They’ve repaired four (4) tires, jump-started seven (7) employee cars, warmed cars ahead of shift changes, and prevented a frozen water pipe from causing significant damage in Carpentersville.

I would be remiss if I failed to recognize the dedicated team at our Hillside Office, which staffs the CARES Hotline, responding to mental health crisis calls from everywhere in Illinois 24/7/365; and I’d be remiss if I did not thank Rocco Biscaglio Jr. and Jimmy Caporusso for being on-site to support the hotline staff.

I would be remiss if I did not mention our IT Department, which kept the servers running at our Administrative office, while simultaneously fighting off a spam attack.

I must thank our Contact Center and Scheduling teams have worked diligently to reach patients and keep them connected with their providers; and I must thank our Comprehensive Community-based Youth Services team, which is always on call, and standing by ready to help a child or family in crisis.

The work that you do is never easy. That is why your selflessness, your compassion, and your performance have been so impressive and so appreciated. Please continue to support one another in the difficult hours ahead. And, of course, please keep yourselves safe.

Children’s Reception Center Shelter and Clinic Staff
Michael Allen
Vincent Allen
Antoine Bailey
Karen Barnett
Anita Battle
Sarah Berry
Sandy Bolin
Andre Bonhart
Illya Braxton
Vintiez Brooks
Tashima Campbell
Angel Chaney
Marquita Chatman
Caroline Chothen
Toyya Cole
Stephanie Daniels-Wilson
Ashanti Dunigan
Delores Fields
Daria Floyd
Malinda Franklin
Dorean Frazier
Rhea Freeman
John Gary
Stephanie Gordon
Sharon Grayson
David Green
Elaine Greer
Frank Harris
Latasha Harris
Edward Horton
Kierra Horton
Safiyyah Ivory
Stacy Jarrett
Arthur Jex
Jasper Jones
Makeba Jones
Sharonda Jones
Kenneth Jordan
David Labahn
Shirley Lee
Dorian Lofton
Amir Major
Alvin Malone
Anita Mazique
Larry McClain
Laura McCluskey
Christian McKinney
Doris McPherson
Shena Miles
Philoniese Moore
Sherri Murray
Shawn Nicholson
Tyshawn Nixon
Geri Pettis
Mark Poe
Gloria Pruitt
Erica Rallings
Shantika Robinson
Jo Royal
Rolanda Sanders
Chavette Shields-Gordon
Jerry Slomka
Taiwan Smith
Marcus Spencer
Kara Spraggins
Pamela Tanksley
Reginald Thompson
Tanisha Timmons
Willie Tubbs
Dorothy Tucker
Meagan Washington-Sims
Destry Wilbourn
Lauren Williams
Louis Williams
Monica Willis
Clete Winkelmann
Wanda Woods

Independence Place and TIPS Shelter
Tamarre Anderson
Alex Bingham
Aris Carter
Melinda Casey
La Monte Eaves
Shalaya Lee Flowers
Carl Gunby
Erica Hill
Kenneth Moody
Genea Moore
Renay Tucker
Carin Weingarten
Harris Williams

CARES Hotline (Hillside Office)
Michelle Adams
Melissa Argieta
Tasmia Askbar
Tekeyna Barnes
Natasha Brown
Kena Carter
Destiny Casson
Treemy Cochran
Camille Cotton
Denise Gutierrez
Coketha Hendricks
Michelle Iosco
Haydee Lazala
Erica Maze
Elizabeth Norwood
Jorge Perez
DeJanae Perry
Lisa Samaniego Skylas
Jessica Stoudmire
Miranda Thompson
Dania Vega
Johanna Vilchez
Anna Waksmundzka
Deairra Williams
Courtenay Wills
Brittany Wilson

Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Services
William Anderson
Mia Carter
Breeana Cundiff
Tasia Drake
Aku Echumuna
Whitney Fancher
Dana Fleming
Ronisha Frazier
Cathy Galloway
Emily Gonzalez
Tony Graves
Victoria Hoover
Beth Knecht
Ericka Leonard-Whorton
Jasmine Sifuentez
Christine Seput
Latoya Sevier
Fatima Villasenor
Kelly Werner

Contact Center and Scheduling Department
Andrea Aceves
Diana Baez
Robert Bliese
Maria Borrayo
Jewell Burton
Adriana Contreras
Enedelia Espinoza
Reyna Euceda
Savannah Garcia
Roxanna Gomez
Lori LaVelle
Bianca Llamas
Candace Muys
Cynthia Nieves
Patricia Ramirez
Amanda Rios
Angela Rodriguez
Veronica Urbina

Information Technology Department
Cory Alder
Martin Dixon
John Jezuit
Mike Kretz
William Mitchell
Efren Sanchez
David Thomas

Maintenance Department
Jeffrey Bryson
Fred Claiborne
James Glover
Brian Rodgers
Katina Thomas