Kenny Martín-Ocasio on Comcast Connects

Kenny Martín-Ocasio, Sr. Vice President of Community Integration-Health Services, joined host Gloria Cardenas Cudia on her public access program “Comcast Connects” and its Spanish counterpart “La Vida Buena” (The Good Life) last month. The shows focus on the positive impact people and organizations are having on improving the lives of people in local communities.  

Martín-Ocasio, who has been in the field of social service for more than 30 years, passionately shared the value of integrated care and the broad scope of health and wellness services offered by Aunt Martha’s, including suicide prevention and mental health support. He also talked about the collaborative efforts between Aunt Martha’s and the leadership in Rockford and the Rock Valley community-at-large to improve the quality of life for people in the area. 

“It’s gratifying to be at this place today in my life where I’m working for such a wonderful organization that brings a lot of my personal mission aligned with theirs as well,” he said on Comcast Connects.