Aunt Martha’s to Continue Providing its Patients with Information on all Healthcare Options While Receiving Title X Funding


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Contact: Michelle Padula

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                                                                                                Email:  mipadula@auntmarthas.org   

Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness’s mission is to provide the highest quality services to all patients and that includes communicating and educating its patients on all potential healthcare options.  Delivering our model of integrated care comes with challenges, but we will never make decisions that come at the costs of our patients’ well-being.  Governor JB Pritzker recently joined Planned Parenthood of Illinois in denouncing the Trump Administration’s support of the proposal from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which amends regulations relating to the Title X family planning program.  

After initially planning to reject Title X funding due to concerns regarding the gag rule and a perceived inability to provide all necessary healthcare information to patients, thereby infringing on the doctor-patient relationship and negatively impacting patient health, Aunt Martha’s assigned Project Officer within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) assured Aunt Martha’s Chief Operating Officer and its Clinical Team that HHS’s proposal does not include any gag rule that intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship. Specifically, Aunt Martha’s received clarification and was assured by HHS staff that despite the gag rule, its health-care providers in the context of the doctor-patient relationship would still be able to:

Provide our Title X patients with full options counseling;

Answer questions regarding termination of pregnancies;

Provide Title X patients with a list of providers that offer a variety of women’s health and pregnancy services; and

Serve undocumented Title X patients

Receiving the above assurances from DHHS was essential in Aunt Martha’s decision to continue accepting Title X funding.  Aunt Martha’s believes that it is the sacred duty of its healthcare providers to provide its patients with all the healthcare information at their disposal – so that patients are equipped to make critical healthcare decisions regarding their reproductive health.  Continuing to provide premium healthcare services, including information on all available healthcare options, to our patients is something Aunt Martha’s will never compromise.  Accepting Title X funding with the above understandings is consistent with Aunt Martha’s mission and will allow Aunt Martha’s to continue providing crucial family planning services to hundreds of Aunt Martha’s patients across the State of Illinois.