Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness Continues to Support the Rockford Community


Aunt Martha’s recently partnered with the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (RACVB) for a community-building, art-infused event that took place in late May at various locations in downtown Rockford. The well-attended event was called in CRE8IV (pronounced “Creative’).

Over the course of the festival, eight lead artists worked with teams of other artists to create eight large-scale murals in Rockford’s central city.

Aunt Martha’s Rockford Community Health Center, located in Swedish American Hospital, sponsored the mural, located at 422 East State Street, that was created by lead artist Chris Silva.

The CRE81A Transformational Art event was the result of a grant from the State of Illinois for $91,800 to complete eight murals in 15 days in downtown Rockford. In order to receive the grant, the RACVB was required to match the funding with sponsorships and donations.

Aunt Martha’s was honored to support an effort that would bring Rockford a unique opportunity to engage visitors to produce additional revenue for businesses; help create an identity for downtown Rockford, and the ability to add to the transformation pride of this region.

If you are in the Rockford area, we encourage to visit downtown to see some of this amazing artwork!


About Chris Silva:

The artist that created the stunning and creative mural for Aunt Martha’s is Chris Silva, a native of Puerto Rico, whose creative pursuits are firmly rooted in Chicago’s urban culture. Chris was an innovative figure in Chicago’s’ graffiti and skateboarding scenes and from that foundation played a significant role in is now commonly referred to as “street art.”  Chris splits his time between working on large-scale commissions, producing gallery work and leading youth-involved public art projects.


Rockford Mural

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Mural created by Chris Silva and Sponsored by Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness on 422 E. State Street in Rockford, IL