Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness Announces the Appointment of President and CEO Raul Garza to the Institute of Medicine Chicago

The Board of Governors for the Institute of Medicine Chicago (IOMC) has appointed Raul Garza to one of Chicago’s oldest and most distinguished societies. With the health of the public at its core, IOMC is building new programs and services to better meet the needs of its members as well as the Chicagoland community.

The Institute of Medicine of Chicago is an independent organization of distinguished leaders in the health field who collaborate to improve the health of the public. Drawing upon the expertise of a diverse membership and other regional leaders, the IOMC addresses critical health issues through a range of interdisciplinary approaches including education, research, communication of trusted information, and community engagement.

Joining the IOMC means Raul will become a member of this richly diverse group of professionals, with varying experiences, education and achievements, who all have the same vision to make a positive change in health care – a vision shared by both Aunt Martha’s and the IOMC.

As a “Fellow,” someone who is sponsored by a specific organization seeking to expand leadership in the field of health care,” Raul will have the opportunity to serve on committees and interest groups that define the Institutes’ activities in service of their vision and commitment to address critical health issues.

The final step for Raul in becoming a Fellow of this prestigious and active organization will be to attend the organization’s annual meeting on June 27, 2019. The United States Surgeon General will be the featured guest speaker.

On behalf of all of us at Aunt Martha’s, congratulations and thank you for your continuing and unrelenting commitment in providing health care and social services to the children and families of Illinois!