Aunt Martha’s Executive Vice President of Foster Care Nominated by Governor Pritzker as next DCFS Director

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We are very pleased and proud to announce that Marc Smith, Executive Vice President of Foster Care and Intact Family Services, has been selected by the Governor’s Office to serve as the next Director of Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).  His appointment was announced earlier today.  It is an honor to Marc; but it is also a testament to his experience, and to everyone who has worked with him at Aunt Martha’s.

I am sure that Marc will be the first person to tell you that he would not have been in a position to compete for this extraordinary opportunity without the experience and knowledge he has gained in almost 10 years at Aunt Martha’s.  Marc did not achieve this on his own.  He did it only with the hard work of the entire foster care team at Aunt Martha’s.

Under Marc’s leadership, Aunt Martha’s Foster Care and Intact Family services have performed at the highest-levels of the child welfare system, including recognition as:

·         The only foster care program in Cook County to meet the permanency goals as reported by DCFS; and,

·         One of only two programs to have its Foster Parent Plan recognized by the state’s Foster Care Committee.

Throughout the very competitive selection process, Marc’s dedication, leadership skills, and vision for a wholly integrated child welfare system were clear.  So, too, were his caring and his charisma, which have impacted the lives of so many children, families, and colleagues.

The opportunity is Marc’s, but the achievement is one that we all share, an achievement in which we should all take a great deal of pride.  Moreover, we should be grateful, as well, to know that someone of Marc’s character and compassion is preparing to step into such a critically important position.